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Week 6: reading


1. How did the Ai-wen mango come to Taiwan?
2. Why are so many wheat-based foods eaten in Taiwan? Before WWII what was the common starch?
3. Who started soy milk production in Taiwan?
4. How did the diet of Taiwan pigs change after the US introduced new pigs?
5. Why do Taiwanese eat so many mushrooms today?
6. Why do Taiwanese today cook with soybean oil?

American Mass Culture
Week 6

Identities and Consumption












       People create ‘the self’ and social identities in a social context – in a society of other people and cultures and classes



       Social identities are role identities – bicyclist, Italian food chef, military history fan, fashion chaser, foodie, birder, jazz fan, gamer, mother, father, boss, employee, security guard, factory worker, salesman, policeman, gangster, teacher, artist, photographer


       Consumption is the most important way people participate in and communicate these social identities and selves.



In modern society consumers are…


       Creating and managing self-images

       Changing, adding, dropping identities constantly

       Moving in and out of different social contexts



Consequences –

       greater individualization and atomization of consumers and markets

       Commodification – loss of tradition




    Anthony Giddens argues that consumers face many choices but have few foundations for choosing.


    Thus, lifestyle becomes important – lifestyle being a constantly updated narrative of personal identity.




           What do big US brands sell?






Branded lifestyles

       Starbucks EVERYTHING

Starbucks airline coffee, office coffee, coffee ice cream, coffee beer.

incorporating marketing into every fibre of its corporate concept-from the chain's

strategic association with books, blues and jazz to its Euro-latte vocabulary





       Scott Bedbury, Starbucks' vice president of marketing, says that "consumers don't truly believe there's a huge difference between products," which is why brands must "establish emotional ties" with their customers through "the Starbucks Experience."


       Starbucks sells “the romance of the coffee experience”


Nike using images…




       The photographic image normalises and naturalises cultural meanings concealing their constructed nature from us.


Branded Lifestyles









-- using superstars to sell the idea of sports

-- marketing perfect male bodies as symbols of “transcendence and perseverance”

-- branding, branding, branding


-- The body as the expression of identity

-- insider knowledge and uncommon skills

-- speed, power, strength – performance

-- INDIVIDUAL success through striving “just do it” “write the future”

-- Nike appeals to the deep emotional connection people have to sports and to the health and fitness of their own bodies and display of their bodies


       Nike went through a change in the late 1980s and early 1990s

       Phil Knight, CEO:
"For years we thought of ourselves as a production oriented company, meaning we put all our emphasis on designing and manufacturing the product. But now we understand that the most important thing we do is market the product. We've come around to saying that Nike is a marketing-oriented company, and the product is our most important marketing tool."


       the inspiration of sports allows us to rebirth ourselves constantly."




       "Polaroid‘s problem,“ said the chairman of its advertising agency, John Hegarty, "was that they kept thinking of themselves as a camera. But the '[brand] vision' process taught us something: Polaroid is not a camera-it's a social lubricant."




       IBM isn't selling computers, it is selling business "solutions."


       Swatch is not about watches, it is about the idea of time.



       Diesel Jeans owner Renzo Rosso told Paper magazine, "We don't sell a product; we sell a style of life. I think we have created a movement.... The Diesel concept is everything. It‘s the way to live, it's the way to wear, it's the way to do something."



       Body Shop founder Anita Roddick explains her stores aren't about what they sell, they communicate a grand idea — a political philosophy about women, the environment and ethical business.


       Tommy Hilfiger … is in the business of signing his name. The company is run entirely through licensing agreements, with Hilfiger commissioning all its products from a group of other companies: Jockey International makes Hilfiger underwear, Pepe Jeans London makes Hilfiger jeans, Oxford Industries make Tommy shirts, and the Stride Rite Corporation makes its footwear. What does Tommy Hilfiger manufacture? Nothing at all.


       Naomi Klein No Logo:

       “The idea of selling the courageous message of a brand, as opposed to a product, intoxicated these CEOs, providing as it did an opportunity for seemingly limitless expansion. After all, if a brand was not a product, it could be anything!”

Branded Lifestyles

       Lifestyle is about constantly reinventing the company and the brand

       Creating emotional connection to the brand in the mind of the consumer

       Enabling consumer to see and experience it as an identity and an individual choice

Branded Lifestyles

       Public Spaces and community events constantly invaded by brands that “sponsor” community events and activities

       The Media is dominated by corporate needs and corporate power – criticism of powerful corporations in the corporate media is rare

       Most people become unaware of how corporations control public space and accept public space as the place where corporations carry out activities


What are we consuming….

       A material element and a symbolic element.

       About more than the satisfaction of 'needs'

       images, feelings, fantasies, myths

       Status, class, and lifestyle.

       Consumption creates outgroups and Others.


Consumption and Status

       Consumption = symbolic marking out of status groups

       Mary Douglas: objects mark out symbolic status





Conspicuous Consumption

       Thorstein Veblen 1889 –

       conspicuous consumption  --

       WIKI: spending on goods and services acquired mainly for the purpose of displaying income or wealth.



       engaged in by all groups but especially lower and middle income groups,

       conspicuous consumption is behavior whereby an individual can display wealth through extensive leisure activities and luxury expenditure on consumption and services.

       an individual's conspicuous consumption depends not only on the actual level of spending but also spending compared with that of others.


Think about Facebook


       I’m in Paris!! Prague!!! Frankfurt!!!!

       Look at my new _____

       I’m eating at _____!!!!!

       Look at ____!!!!!




        In “The Economic Theory of Women’s Dress” (1894), Veblen writes that the three cardinal principles of women’s dress are:



    ineptitude:  “it must afford prima facie evidence of incapacitating the wearer for any gainful occupation” (72-73)


Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Week 5: Quiz + Disney

Dont forget your name and student number! 

____1. Cool is…. (a) insightful  (b) low status  (c) authentic  (d) mainstream
____2. The paradox (悖論) of cool: (a) nobody knows it, but everyone wants it  (b) because it is cool, everyone gets it, then it is not cool (c) cool people hate cool (d) when you are cool, only you know you are cool
____3. The people who help companies find cool are  (a) cool people  (b) cool seekers  (c) marketers  (d) coolhunters
____4. The purpose of cool, for a big company, is to…  (a) sell products  (b) give their brand a higher status  (c) make sure cool people buy their products  (d) help Black-Americans
____5. The NBA markets… (a) Allen Iverson  (b) black culture  (c) basketball  (d) shoes and clothing 
____6. When consumers encounter black culture in popular culture, what is missing?  (a) politics  (b) marginal communities  (c) poverty  (d) cool
____7. In this class, culture =  (a) what people do  (b) a person’s identity  (c) the power to say who is in and who is out  (d) a specific group of people
____8. Allen Iverson was an idol among young black people because  (a) he stood for black power politics  (b) he was well spoken and polite  (c) he was rich  (d) he was a complete human being from black culture
____9. When cool spreads, it spreads from  (a) low status people to high status people  (b) high status people to low status people  (c) from middle class to middle class people  (d) from people with few social contacts to people with many social contacts
____10. Jazz entered Europe after the First World War brought by…  (a) rich white Americans  (b) black soldiers  (c) British soldiers coming back from America  (d) soldiers from farms in America


American Mass Culture
Week 5

Disney, Consumer Culture, Brand Meaning, Consumption, Identity





This week we learn…..

Things Disney Owns



D23 (Disney)

Disney Archives

Disney Enterprises, Inc., copyright and trademark holder of Disney-branded properties

Disney Worldwide Services, Inc., shared services

The Disney Children's Center, Inc., child care center

Earth Star, Inc., corporate airline

Synergy Group

The Walt Disney Studios


Walt Disney Pictures: common name for Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures



Walt Disney Animation Studios

DisneyToon Studios

Pixar Animation Studios

Lucasfilm Ltd.

Industrial Light & Magic

Lucasfilm Animation

Lucasfilm Animation Singapore

LucasArts: All in-house development was ceased in April 2013, but they remained open as a publisher and licensor.

Lucas Licensing

Lucas Books, licensed book publishing imprint

Lucas Online

Skywalker Sound

Lucasfilm Story Group

Marvel Studios

Marvel Music

Marvel Film Productions LLC (Delaware)

MVL Development LLC (Delaware)

MVL Productions LLC: an indirect wholly owned film development subsidiary

MVL Film Finance LLC: holder of Marvel's Movie debt and theatrical film rights to the twelve characters and supporting characters as collateral.

MVL Rights, LLC: subsidiary holding movie rights of all Marvel Characters with some on contract with MVL Film Finance

Iron Works Productions LLC: subsidiary holding debt to finance the Iron Man films.

Incredible Production (Delaware)

Asgard Productions LLC (Delaware)


Things Disney Owns

Things Disney Owns

Buena Vista Concerts[6]

Disney Theatrical Group

Disney Theatrical Productions

Disney Live Family Entertainment

Disney on Ice (produced by Feld Entertainment

Disney Live  (produced by Feld Entertainment)

Walt Disney Special Events Group[7]

Disney Theatrical Licensing

New Amsterdam Development Corp.

New Amsterdam Theatre (long term lease)

New Amsterdam Theatrical Productions, Inc.

Walt Disney Theatrical Worldwide, Inc.

Buena Vista Theatrical Ventures, Inc.

Buena Vista Theatrical Merchandise, LLC

Disney Studio Services

Disney Digital Studio Services - Studio Post Production

Studio Production Services

Walt Disney Studios (Burbank)

Golden Oak Ranch

Prospect Studios

KABC7 Studio B


Things Disney Owns

       Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media

       Disney Licensing (formerly directly a part of Disney Consumer Products)

       Disney Baby

       Disney Retail

       Disney Store Worldwide, Inc.

       Disney Store North America

       Disney Store Europe

       Disney Store Japan

       Disney Shopping, Inc. (formerly Disney Direct Marketing Services, Inc.) catalog and direct marketing channels[10]

       The Walt Disney Catalog

       Disney Direct Response Publishing, Inc.

       Integrated Retail, consolidates all other North American retail channels

       Disney Games & Apps

       Disney Mobile

       Starwave Mobile[11]

       Disney Canada Inc.

       Club Penguin



       Rocket Pack

       DCPI Labs team[12]

       The Muppets Studio (formerly Muppets Holding Company LLC)[13]

       DCPI Content

       Maker Studios

       Maker Music



Things Disney Owns

       DCPI Content & Media

       Advanced Media

       Social Media and Micro Content

       Disney Co/Op, custom content and all platform ad sales

       Disney Style

       Oh My Disney

       Disney LOL

       Disney Family ( formerly GO Network


Things Disney Owns

       Disney Publishing Worldwide

       Core Publishing[16]

       Disney Magazine Publishing, Inc.

       Disney Comics, Inc.

       Disney Libri

       Disney Libros (Spain)

       Disney Book Group (Disney Book Publishing, Inc.)


       Disney·Jump at the Sun

       Disney Press

       Disney Editions

       Marvel Press

       ABC Daytime Press

       ESPN Books

       Kingswell imprint

       Freeform imprint

       Digital Publishing - Disney Book Apps

       Disney Learning

       Disney Educational Productions

       Disney English

       Disney Imagicademy

       CrossGen: restarted & discontinued as an imprint by Marvel Comics

Things Disney Owns

Things Disney Owns

Things Disney Owns

       Walt Disney Parks and Resorts

       Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Worldwide, Inc. owns and operates two resorts in the United States and another three internationally through various joint ventures and licensing agreements.


       Walt Disney Imagineering Research & Development, Inc.

       Walt Disney Creative Entertainment

       Disney Parks Merchandising

       World of Disney Stores

       Disneyland International, oversees Disney's interest in Tokyo Disney Resort[17]

       Disney Destinations, LLC, runs the website[18]

       Disneyland Resort

       Disneyland, Inc.


       Disneyland: 1955

       Club 33

       Disney California Adventure: 2001

       Downtown Disney


       Disneyland Hotel: WCO Hotels, Inc.

       Disney's Grand Californian Hotel & Spa

       Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel

       Walt Disney World Resort

       Walt Disney World Company, Lake Buena Vista, Florida, United States


       Magic Kingdom: 1971

       Epcot: 1982

       Disney's Hollywood Studios: 1989

       Disney's Animal Kingdom: 1998

       Disney Springs

       Downtown Disney Marketplace

       Downtown Disney Westside

       ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex

       Water Parks:

       Disney's Typhoon Lagoon: 1989

       Disney's Blizzard Beach: 1995


       Euro Disney S.A.S.: 100% Disney ownedmanages Euro Disney S.C.A., Euro Disney Associés and EDL Hotels SCA

       Euro Disney Investment SAS: owning 9% and general partner of Euro Disney Associés

       Centre de Congrès Newport S.A.S

       Newport Bay Club Convention Centre: leased to EDL Hôtels S.C.A.

       EDL Holding Co.: 99.9% owned by Disney holds 82% ownership of Euro Disney S.C.A.

       EDL Participations S.A.S.: sole general partner of Euro Disney S.C.A.

       Euro Disney S.C.A.: 2% owned by public shareholders, directly owns 82% of Euro Disney Associés

       Euro Disney Commandité S.A.S.: a general partner of Euro Disney Associés

       Euro Disney Associés S.C.A.: operating company of Disney Paris

       EDL Hôtels S.C.A.: owns the Phase IB land and operates the hotels

       EDL Services SAS: manages Phase IB Financing Companies, owners of the various hotels and Disney Village

       Euro Disneyland Participations S.A.S.: 100% Disney owned and owns 17% of


       Euro Disneyland Park S.N.C.: owns Disneyland Park (Paris)

       Disneyland Park: 1992 (opened as Euro Disneyland)

       Walt Disney Studios Park: 2002

       Disney Village: 1992 (Opened as Festival Disney)

       Golf Disney


       Disney's Davy Crockett Ranch

       Disneyland Hotel

       Disney's Hotel Cheyenne

       Disney's Hotel New York

       Disney's Hotel Santa Fe

       Disney's Newport Bay Club

       Disney's Sequoia Lodge[19]

       Hong Kong International Theme Parks

       Disney 48%, Hong Kong Government 52%


       Hong Kong Disneyland Resort -Penny's Bay, Lantau Island, Hong Kong

       Hong Kong Disneyland: 2005

       Inspiration Lake: 2005


       Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel

       Disney's Hollywood Hotel

       Disney's Explorer Lodge

       Hong Kong Disneyland Management Limited: owned 100% by Disney and manages the park

       Shanghai Disney Resort

       Shanghai International Theme Park Company Limited: 43% owned by Disney, 57% owned by Shanghai Shendi Group: owner company for theme parks within the resort

       Shanghai Disneyland Park

       Shanghai International Theme Park Associated Facilities Company Limited: 43% owned by Disney, 57% owned by Shanghai Shendi Groupowner company for associated facilities within the resort

       Shanghai International Theme Park and Resort Management Company Limited: 70% owned by Disney, 30% owned by Shanghai Shendi Groupmanages the resort as a whole as well as the project to develop it




       Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa

       Disney's Old Key West Resort

       Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge

       Disney's Beach Club Resort

       Disney's BoardWalk Inn

       Disney's Contemporary Resort

       Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

       Disney's Polynesian Village Resort

       Disney's Wilderness Lodge

       Disney's Yacht Club Resort

       Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground

       Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort

       Disney's Coronado Springs Resort

       Disney's Port Orleans Resort: French Quarter

       Disney's Port Orleans Resort: Riverside (formerly known as Disney's Dixie Landings Resort)

       Disney's All-Star Movies Resort

       Disney's All-Star Music Resort

       Disney's All-Star Sports Resort

       Disney's Pop Century Resort

       Disney's Art of Animation Resort

       Landholding companies

       Compass Rose Corporation

       Walt Disney Travel Company

       Disneyland Paris

       Opened on 12 April 1992 as the Euro Disney Resort. Located in Marne-la-Vallée, France (Disney 51%, public shareholders 49%) Euro Disney Investments, Inc.




       Adventures by Disney


       Disney Cruise Line


       Disney Magic (1998)

       Disney Wonder (1999)

       Disney Dream (2011)

       Disney Fantasy (2012)


       Castaway Cay (1998)

       Port Canaveral, Florida

       Disney Vacation Club

       Disney Vacation Development, Inc.

       Disney Vacation Club Management Corp.


       Disney's Vero Beach Resort, Vero Beach, Florida

       Disney's Hilton Head Island Resort, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

       also hotel at the major resorts and Aulani are involved and are listed under their respective resorts, see Disney Vacation Club article

       Palm Financial Services, Inc., financing arm



       Disney Media Networks

       DisneyABC Television Group

       ABC, Inc. d.b.a. DisneyABC Television Group[20]


       American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.[21] - generally seen as the copyright holder for ABC owned shows

       Disney/ABC Television Group Digital Media

       Walt Disney Television

       Disney-ABC Home Entertainment and Television Distribution

       DisneyABC Domestic Television - formerly Buena Vista Television

       Hulu (30% in partnership with NBC Universal,21st Century Fox and Time Warner)

       Disney Media Distribution - formerly Disney-ABC International Television and before that, ABC Cable and International Broadcast Group

       American Broadcasting Company (1943 Radio) (1948 Television)

       ABC News (1945)

       ABC News Radio (1968)

       ABC News All Media

       ABC News production unit

       ABC News Productions(1994)

       Lincoln Square Productions (2003present)

       A&E Networks

       joint venture with Hearst Corporation; 50% equity holding


       A&E network


       Crime & Investigation Network


       History network


       Military History

       History en Español

       A+E Networks International

       A+E Networks Latin America (joint venture with Ole Communications)

       A+E Networks UK (joint venture with British Sky Broadcasting)


       A+E Networks Asia (joint venture with Astro Overseas Limited)

       A+E Networks India

       History TV18 (joint venture with Network 18)

       FYI TV18 (joint venture with Network 18)

       A+E Networks Consumer Products

       A+E Studios

       A&E IndieFilms

       A+E Films

       A+E Networks Digital

       Lifetime Entertainment Services



       Lifetime Real Women

       Lifetime Movie Club

       Lifetime Radio for Women

       Lifetime Press

       Lifetime Digital

       Lifetime Games

       Vice Media, Inc. a 10% minority stake[22] with an additional direct Disney investment at a 10% stake[23]


       ABC Entertainment Group

       ABC Digital

       ABC Entertainment

       ABC Studios (formerly Touchstone Television and ABC Television Studios)

       ABC Signature

       Greengrass Productions

       Keep Calm and Carry On Productions

       Victor Television Productions

       ABC/Kane Productions

       Times Square Studios (division)

       ABC Daytime (1960)

       Valleycrest Productions Ltd.

       ABC Media Productions - formerly Buena Vista Productions

       ABC Family Worldwide

       Freeform (TV channel)

       ABC Spark IP (licensed by Corus Entertainment)

       ABC Family Digital

       ProdCo, Inc., ABC Family production company

       BVS Entertainment, formerly Saban Entertainment

       Saban / Fox Kids library.

       DePatie-Freleng Enterprises / Marvel Productions, Ltd library.

       ABC Owned Television Stations

       WLS-7 Chicago, Illinois

       KFSN-30 Fresno, California

       KTRK-13 Houston, Texas

       KABC-7 Los Angeles, California

       WABC-7 New York City

       WPVI-6 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

       WTVD-11 Raleigh-Durham

       KGO-7 San Francisco, California

       Live Well Network

       ABC National Television Sales

       ABC Regional Sports and Entertainment Sales[24]

       Disney Channels Worldwide

       Disney Channel

       Disney Cinemagic

       Disney Junior

       Disney XD

       Broadcast Satellite Disney Co., Ltd. (April 2009) operator of Dlife channel (Japan)[25]

       Hungama TV (2006)

       Radio Disney

       KDIS (AM)



       Disney Television Animation

       It's a Laugh Productions

       ESPN Inc.

       (Disney (80%) [26]







       ESPN on ABC: formerly ABC Sports


       ESPN Deportes

       ESPN Films


       ESPN Classic

       ESPN America

       ESPN UK

       ESPN Now

       ESPN PPV

       Longhorn Network (joint venture with the University of Texas at Austin and IMG College)

       SEC Network

       ESPN Regional Television dba ESPN Events

       ESPN Radio

       ESPN MVP

       ESPN The Magazine

       ESPN Books

       ESPN Home Entertainment

       ESPN Outdoors


       ESPN Digital Center

       ESPN International (see for complete list of channels)

       Sony ESPN (Joint venture with Sony Pictures Networks)

       CTV Speciality Television Inc. is a jointly venture by ESPN International and Bell Canada's Bell Media division. Any percentages below refer to the portion of each channel owned by CTV Specialty, with the balance in each case being owned by additional partners such as Discovery Communications.

       Discovery Channel Canada (80%, joint venture with Discovery Communications)

       RDS Info

       Animal Planet Canada (80%, joint venture with Discovery Communications)

       Discovery Science Canada (80%, joint venture with Discovery Communications)

       Discovery Velocity (80%, joint venture with Discovery Communications)

       ESPN Classic Canada

       Réseau des sports (RDS)









       Marvel Entertainment

       Cover Concepts, Inc.

       Marvel Characters, Inc.

       Marvel Television division

       Marvel Animation

       Marvel Animation Studios (2012present)

       SH DTV Partners (2012present)

       Squad Productions LLC (Delaware)

       Green Guy Toons LLC (Delaware)

       MVL Iron Works Productions Canada, Inc. (Province of Ontario)

       MVL Incredible Productions Canada, Inc. (Province of Ontario)

       Marvel Entertainment International Limited (United Kingdom)

       Marvel Internet Productions LLC (Delaware)

       Marvel Property, Inc. (Delaware)

       Marvel Toys Limited (Hong Kong)

       MVL Development LLC (Delaware)

       Marvel International Character Holdings LLC (Delaware)

       MRV, Inc. (Delaware)

       MVL International C.V. (The Netherlands)

       Marvel Characters B.V. (The Netherlands)

       Marvel Worldwide, Inc.

       Marvel Comics

       Marvel Custom Solutions, customized comic books[27]

       Icon Comics


       Ultimate Comics

       Marvel Press

       Other Marvel Comics imprints

       Marvel Toys

       Marvel Toys Limited (Hong Kong)




       Disney International


       The Walt Disney Company Latin America

       Miravista Films[28]

       The Walt Disney Company Argentina

       Patagonik Film Group, an Argentina-based production company and joint venture[29]


       Disney Television (Germany), Inc.

       RTL Disney TV Limited Partnership (RTL DISNEY Fernsehen GmbH & Co. KG) a 50% joint venture of TWDC with RTL Group

       [30] Kividoo - kids SVOD service

       Scoyo learning platform

       Super RTL network, Germany

       Toggolino Club

       Toggo Plus network (June 4, 2016)

       Tele-Munich Television Media Participation Limited Partnership (Tele-Müchen Fernseh-GMBH & Co. Medienbeteiligung KG)[31] joint venture

       ATV Private Limited Partnership (ATV PrivatFernseh-GMBH)

       ATV2 channel, Austria

       RTL 2 Limited Partnership (RTL 2 FERNSEHEN GMBH & CO. kg)

       RTL II channel, Germany

       RTL II HD channel, Germany

       RTL 2 Austria

       TM-TV GMBH

       Tele 5 (Germany)

       Tele 5 HD (Germany)

       Tele 5 (Austria)

       Walt Disney Co., Ltd. Japan

       Studio Entertainment

       Walt Disney Studios Japan

       Disney Music Group

       Disney Character Voice International

       Disney Theatrical Group

       Media Networks

       Walt Disney Television International Japan

       Disney Channel

       Media Distribution

       Disney Interactive Group Japan

       Disney Online

       Disney Mobile

       Disney Interactive Studios

       Parks and Resort

       Disney Destination International

       Disney Vacation Club Japan

       Disney Consumer Products

       Disney Publishing Worldwide Japan

       Disney Store Japan [32]

       Broadcast Satellite Disney Co.

       Dlife channel[33]

       Disney India Inc.

       UTV Software Communications (100% stake since 2/2012)

       UTV Communications (USA) LLC

       IG Interactive Entertainment Ltd.

       UTV Global Broadcasting Ltd.

       UTV TV Content Ltd.

       UTV Games Ltd.

       First Future Agri & Developers Ltd.

       UTV Motion Pictures PLC

       UTV Toons

       UTV New Media Ltd

       Indiagames Ltd

       group's stepdown subsidiaries

       UTV Ignition Entertainment Ltd.

       True Games Interactive

       Genx Entertainment Ltd.

       UTV Entertainment Television Ltd.

       UTV Tele-Talkies Ltd.

       RB Entertainment Ltd.

       Vikatan UTV Content Ltd.

       Screenshot Television Ltd.[34]

       The Walt Disney Company Iberia S.L.

       Sociedad Gestora de Television NET TV SA, joint venture with Vocento SA, Intereconomía Corporation SA[35]


       Disney Channel (Spain) HD

       Disney Channel (Spain)

       Intereconomía TV

       Disney Channel Spanish +1


       Disney Character Voices International

       Times Square Studios

       Silver Creek Pictures, Inc.

       Catalyst Investments, LLC

       POW! Entertainment: 10% of the outstanding shares of stock[36]

       Reedy Creek Energy Services

       BVCC, Inc. (Buena Vista Construction Company) Disney World general contractor

       Sphero (June 2015) TWDC purchased a stake in the robotic toys company then approached them about building BB-8[37]

       Property holding companies

       Carousel Holdings EAT LLC, Carousel Inn & Suites, Anaheim, California[38]

       Axman Realty Corp.

       Boss Realty, Inc.

       Commercial Apartment Properties, Inc.

       The Celebration Co.

       Disney Keystone Properties, Inc.

       Disney Realty, Inc.

       Dutchman Realty, Inc.

       The Dolphin Hotel, Inc.

       Homestead Homes, Inc.

       The Little Lake Bryan Co.

       Maple Leaf Commercial Properties, Inc.

       The Swan Hotel, Inc.

       Walt Disney Properties Corp.

       Buena Vista Street, Burbank CA

       Pine Woods Properties, Inc.

       Holmes Houses, Inc.

       Key Bridge Properties, Inc.

       Florida properties

       Lake Bryan, Inc.

       Madeira Land Co., Inc.

       Magnolia Creek Development Co.


       Arvida Disney Financial Services Inc.

       Arvida Real Estate Capital Inc., a commercial real estate investment banking subsidiary to arrange financing for commercial, industrial and retail projects[39]

       Venture capital

       Steamboat Ventures: ownership positions not revealed




       Elemental Technologies


       Fanzter, Inc.






       Kapow Software









       Chinese holdings



       Cocoa China

       Gridsum Technology





       Yoyi Media



       2139 Empire Avenue Corp.

       Alameda Payroll, Inc.

       Andes Productions, Inc.

       Animation Collectors, Inc.

       BVHV Services

       Before & After Productions, Inc.

       Berl Holding Co.

       Billy B. Productions, Inc.

       Bird-In-Hand Woodworks, Inc.

       Blue Note Management Corp.

       Buena Vista Catalog Co.

       Buena Vista Laboratories, Inc.

       Buena Vista Trading Co.

       C.A. Productions, Inc.

       DCSR, Inc.

       Devonson Corp.

       Disney Art Editions, Inc.

       Disney Computer Magazine Group, Inc.

       Disney Interfinance Corp.

       Disney International Employment Services, Inc.

       Disney Media Ventures, Inc.

       Disney Special Programs, Inc.

       Disney, Inc.

       DreamWorks II Distribution Co. LLC, originally a copyright holder of DreamWorks-branded properties[42][43]

       ERS Investment Ltd.

       Entertainment Development, Inc.

       Film Brothers Property Corp.

       From Time to Time Inc.

       Hardware Distribution, Inc.

       Heavy Weight, Inc.

       Hodi Investments, Inc.

       Hughes Flying Boat Corp.

       IJR, Inc.(inactive)

       Indian Warrior Productions, Inc.

       J.B. Productions, Inc.

       Kelly Management, Inc.

       LBV Services, Inc.

       Merriweather Productions, Inc. (inactive)

       Montrose Corp.

       One For All Productions, Inc.

       PNLH Payroll Inc.

       Palm Hospitality Co.

       Plymouth Productions

       RCE Services, Inc.

       Stakeout Two Productions, Inc.

       Supercomm International, Inc.

       Swing Kids Productions, Inc.

       The Inn Corp.

       The Quiz Show Co.

       Theme Park Productions, Inc.

       Toon Town, Inc.

       Voice Quality Coordination, Inc.

       WCO Leisure, Inc.

       WCO Parent Corp.

       WCO Port Management Corp.

       WCO Port Properties, Ltd.

       WCO Vacationland, Inc.

       WDT Services, Inc.

       WDW Services, Inc.

       Wanderlust Productions, Inc.


       1930s – Walt Disney begins thinking about building a city

       Realizes every Mickey Mouse toy is an advertisement for his cartoons – realized the concept of “Synergy”



       Now everyone in marketing realizes that those childhood toys and experiences, in adulthood, become the desire to enter into the world of that identity, to become the meaning of the brand

       Disney began understanding this before any other big brand



       This strong consumer desire to become one with favorite pop-culture products is exploited by every one of the superbrands — from Nike to Viacom to the Gap to Martha Stewart – as they use synergy-based lifestyle marketing


       Disney is the best: Michael J. Wolf, a famous management consultant to big companies like Viacom, Time Warner, MTV, writes:

“I can't begin to count the number of times that people who run consumer businesses have confided to me that their goal is to create the broadbased success that Disney seems to bring to every project and every business it touches.”



       Or as Shaq put it in his own marketing efforts:

Everyone wants to be…..


“… Mickey Mouse."


       Disney invented modern branding


       Walt Disney Company created the model for the branded superstore, opening the first Disney Store in 1984.

       Such branded stores, in expensive locations, often lose money. But they create brand image and help spread the idea of the brand


       Disney also created the branded holiday – not merely resorts, but also a Disney cruise ship line, which goes to Disney’s privately owned island in the Caribbean.

       Even Nike has a sports-themed cruise ship line….


       Branded towns, too: Disney owns Celebration, Florida, a Disney branded town.

       The irony of Celebration: (from No Logo)

Oddly enough, Celebration is not even sales vehicle for Mickey Mouse licensed products; it is, in contemporary terms an almost Disney-free town - no doubt the only one left in America. In other words, when Disney finally reached its fully enclosed, synergized, self-sufficient space, it chose to create a pre-Disneyfied world- its calm, understated aesthetics are the antithesis of the cartoon world for sale down the freeway at Disney World.”


There are no other brands allowed either.  But as one critic says, “it is private space that pretends to be public” since everything is under Disney’s control, from the size of the roads to the shape and color of the buildings.s


       "Animation can explain whatever the mind of man can conceive. This facility makes it the most versatile and explicit means of communication yet devised for quick mass appreciation."

-            Walt Disney, Founder, Walt Disney Group of Companies.


       "Disney boldly diversified into television, commercials, music, comic strips and amusement parks at a time when other studios could think of little but celluloid"



       As noted before, Walt Disney invented the ideas of brand management, merchandising campaigns, and brand extension into other product fields


       In 1927, Disney created the highly successful Oswald the Lucky Rabbit for Universal Pictures.

       He left Universal over a copyright dispute and in 1928 invented Mickey Mouse

       With third Mickey cartoon, Steamboat Willie, Disney introduced synchronized sound. Very Popular


       In early 1930s Disney experimented with animation that created emotions, and experiences


       In 1938, with the film Snow White, the first-full length animated picture, he became the first producer to have a complete merchandising campaign for a film.

       It became the highest-grossing film of all time.



       He started Mickey Mouse Clubs for children which offered them games and prizes, to cement their loyalty to the company.


       In early 1940s he began to imagine the first theme park, Disneyworld, with rides and Disney-themed products

       But Disney spent the 1940s doing war-related propaganda for the government


       In the 1950s Disney became a major name in television


       Note role of TV in creating brand synergy between TV, movies, and toy and other products


       In 1950 Disney released Cinderella, a huge hit, which led to opening of Disneyworld in California in 1955

       Walt Disney became confident in TV as a medium to promote his movies, when other companies were afraid of the new technology


       1960s Disney moved into live-action films with Swiss Family Robinson, The Absent-Minded Professor, and one of the greatest movies ever made, Mary Poppins.




       Walt died in 1960s

       In 1971 Disney World Florida opened

       Walt’s son Roy dies in 1970s. Company begins to lose its direction and intelligence – it turned down Raiders of the Lost Ark and ET


       Early 1980s Disney was more concerned with real estate and recreation than entertainment

       The company was dying. In 1983 the Bass brothers bought 25% of Disney and installed new management team headed by Michael Eisener


       From 1983 to 1987, annual revenues more than doubled, profits nearly quintupled, and the value of Disney stock went from $2 billion to $23 billion.

       Expansion depended largely on a wide array of business activities in which the new management team aggressively exploited the Disney brand name, such as the stores


       1990s = Disney Decade

       Disney bought many other companies, including ABC and ESPN

       Released  The Little Mermaid (1989),  Beauty and the Beast (1991) and The Lion King (1994), most successful animated feature ever produced, resurrected its movie power


       Late 1990s saw Disney begin to sink again, but after Eisner was forced out (in Shrek Lord Farquaad is thought to be Michael Eisener) Disney grew with Pirates of the Caribbean (2003) and Finding Nemo (2003),

       TV:  Disney experiences continued success with TV hits such as Desperate HousewivesLostGreys’ Anatomy,High School Musical, and Hannah Montana